The collections housed at the Middletown Historical Society capture the history of Middletown and the immediate surrounding areas.  Our collections primarily range from the late 19th c. to the early to mid-20th c. and include a wide range of photographs, textiles, ledgers, store receipts, postcards, and maps.  Our largest collection, the Hope Ellison Motter collection, features children’s clothing and toys, household items, letters, greeting cards, ledgers, postcards, and photographs which date c. 1930-1960, including much material from the Noxontown Mill.

Other collections include the Jack Sparks Collection, the Louisa Price Zeh Collection, the R. Beardsley Collection, the Berkman Collection, and the Weidlein Collection.


A growing library of local and Delaware-centric books are available and can be a read onsite.


Our printed Research Catalog is available for the researcher and  cover the following topics:

o African-American
o Agricultural
o Assessor Property Records
o Business and Industry
o Newspapers
o Cemeteries
o Census Data
o Civic Organizations
o Business Directories
o Disasters
o Education
o Emergency Services/Law Enforcement
o Entertainment
o General Local Histories
o Local Government/Utilities
o Individual Family Files
o Maps
o Memorials-Historical Markers
o Middletown State Historical Markers
o Military
o National Register Sites
o Oral Histories
o Photographs
o Politics
o Religion
o Transportation