Middletown Memories is the oral history program at the Middletown Historical Society.  This is a growing collection focused on the collective memory of Middletonians.

If you are interested in contributing your oral history to the Middletown Historical Society, please email us at mhistoricalsociety@gmail.com

Middletown Memories: Driving Tour, 2018

Enjoy a trip down Middletown’s Memory lane with Charlie Biggs, James Reynolds, Bob Biggs, Tom Shallcross, and Teddy Whitlock. In 4 parts

Sections covered include North Broad Street, Pennington Street, North Cass Street, West, and East Lake Street of Middletown, Delaware
Sections included are South Broad Street and part of North Broad.
This section includes Main Street.
This section includes West Green Street, Catherine Street and South Cass Street.