Final Rules will be posted by September 15

  1. The Society looks forward to awarding up to $3500 in prize money to be awarded at the discretion of the judges.  Judges will take into consideration grade level, available material, and scholarship in awarding cash prizes.
  2. Student must be a non-graduate middle or high school resident of the Appoquinimink School District at the time of award. Students may be attending any school or may be home schooled.
  3. Paper length, 1,500 to 2,500 words.  Up to 5 images may be imbedded in the text; additional images may be placed in an appendix following the text of the paper.  Images add to the readers’ understanding, knowledge and enjoyment of a paper; therefore contestants are encouraged to include in the appendix as many relevant images as will further their presentation.
  4. The paper is a historical research paper requiring citation of all sources and facts, quotes, etc. presented in the paper.  Writers must use the MLA (Modern Language Association) documentation style.  Your library will have style guides available for check out.  Also, the Citation Builder program at  is a very easy fill-in tool to use which will ensure you have all elements required for proper citation of all source types.  Be sure to use Citation Style MLA-7 or MLA-8.  A more complete site is found at .                            .
  5. Contestants are strongly advised, but not required, to use resources of the Middletown Historical Society.  We have a large collection of local history information open to you.  Also the Appoquinimink Public Library research librarian and your school librarian will be good resources to use.
  6. Contestants will select a subject from the following list of Middletown historical street names, and write about the street and person or family for which it was named.  Anderson, Berkman, Cochran, Cox, Crawford, Field Court, Green, Hoffecker, Lake, Lockwood, Pennington, Peterson, and Wood.  The Historical Society will allow 3 papers on each subject.
  7. Contestants must register in person on or before October 2, at the Middletown Historical Society, 216 N Broad Street by filling out an application and selecting a topic.  Contestants must schedule their registration appointment by calling Alison Matsen at (302) 740-5544. The selected topic may be changed, but the new choice must be added to the application document.  
  8. The contest will be blind-judged.  A contestant number will be assigned at the time of registration, and will be the only writer identification on the judged paper.  Therefore the title page will show:  “The Title of your Paper”, and, “Submitted by Contestant # ______”
  9. A printed copy of the paper must be delivered in person to the Historical Society on Saturday, October 30th from 10 a.m.  to noon, or before, at which time a statement of personal authorship will be signed.  A digital copy of the paper must also be submitted to the society email address, by the due date.  Papers must be in font size 12, and double spaced.  Digital papers must be submitted as a PDF file with the .pdf extension.  The library can assist if you are having trouble saving to this format.
  10. Winners will be notified to attend the award ceremony during the society’s monthly meeting on November 16, and must attend in person, to receive the award.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  11. Questions may be directed to David Matsen at, or at 302-740-5845.  If you do not get a quick response, contact Mary Alice Aguilar,, 302-593-1610.