Oral History Research Paper Project Matrix

Middletown Historical Society

Oral History Research Paper Contest Matrix

Yes Test: You must receive all “yeses” for your paper to be scored.  Any “No” will stop further attention

YesNoBasic Requirement
  Paper typed, double spaced, and pages numbered
  Thesis clearly stated in introduction and referenced in conclusion
  Correct documentation style (MLA-9) used in text
  Citing evident
  Minimum of 2 sources
  Works Cited Page accurate and correctly formatted
  Paper written in 3rd person; content not personal essay but unbiased research
  Paper meets length standards: Minimum 1,500 words-Maximum 2,500 words
  A minimum of 3 relevant images included and titled


Skill application demonstrates use which represents:4321
Introduction engaging and clearly defined thesis    
Content connecting to thesis is clarifying, exploring, explaining, developing, it is historically accurate    
Text organization flows sensibly and smoothly    
Conclusion thoughtful, engaging, and clear    
Included images relevant and titled (Minimum 3)    

Use of Sources

Skill Application demonstrates use which represents:4321
Research information appropriately documented    
Enough outside information to clearly represent a research process    
Demonstrates use of paraphrasing, direct and indirect quotations    
Sources on Works Cited Page accurately match sources cited within text    


Skill Application demonstrates use which represents: 321
12 point Times New Roman font and double spaced   
Grammatically correct   
Consistent format (MLA-9 or MLA-8)   

Total Points:_____________________